Ice cream entrepreneurs Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield enjoy their product.
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The Backstory Of The Ben & Jerry's Cow Mascot
Ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s has captured the hearts of many with its array of unique ice cream flavors, and the company's cow mascot Woody graces many of its pints. Woody, dubbed the "Most Interesting Cow in the World," became the Ben & Jerry's mascot back in 1983, and is named after her creator, Woody Jackson.
Jackson, also known as the Cow Man, is a Vermont artist known for his cow-themed illustrations. He began painting bovines in the 1960s while working on a dairy farm in the Champlain Valley, and his lifelong passion sprang from observing cows in a backdrop of red barns, rolling pastures, and the Adirondack mountains.
Woody represents Ben and Jerry's dedication to the state of Vermont and producing superior dairy, but has also represented the company’s stances on social issues, boldly standing with her activist owners to promote topics like Fair Trade agriculture and marriage equality. She even got her own ice cream flavor, Moo-Phoria, in 2018.