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The Autumnal Ingredient You Should Be Using To Braise Pork
For cuts of pork such as shoulder, butt, and ribs, braising is a great way to tenderize the otherwise tough meat. However, braising isn’t just about softening tough cuts; it's also about adding comforting and hearty flavors, and this seasonal fall ingredient will create a delicious sauce for your pork braise.
Braising involves two steps: searing the piece of meat and then simmering it slowly over low heat in a flavorful liquid. For the fall, apple cider is the perfect braising liquid, and pork and apples are a classic flavor pairing, with the sweetness and acidity of the cider complimenting the savory richness of the pork.
As the pork's collagen and connective tissue break down during the slow-cooking process, these tough tissues turn into soft and juicy gelatin. When the gelatin mixes with the cider, it’ll create an intensely-flavored gravy with a classic fall flavor that's ready to serve alongside your final dish.