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The Apple Washing Method That's Most Effective Against Pesticides
Apples are among the list of produce items that contain the highest levels of pesticide residue, as tested by the Environmental Working Group. Before eating an apple, one would typically give it a good wash under running water, but scientists have examined whether this is enough and tried out several washing techniques.
Scientists at the University of Massachusetts exposed apples to pesticides for 24 hours before washing them with three different liquids: tap water, a baking soda/water solution, and an EPA-approved commercial bleach solution often used on produce. The baking soda solution was most effective, removing 100% of the surface pesticide residue after 12-15 minutes.
To repeat this at home, soak your apples in a solution of one teaspoon of baking soda in two cups of water for at least two minutes, then rinse again under running water before consuming. You should also wash apples as soon as you can after purchase, since the longer the pesticides sit on your apples, the deeper they get absorbed.