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The Anonymous Beginnings Of Ben & Jerry's Popular Cherry Garcia Flavor
Ben & Jerry's most beloved and enduring flavor, Cherry Garcia — cherry ice cream with chunks of fudge and bing cherries — is inspired by the Acid King of Rock and Roll himself, Jerry Garcia. The original idea for the now-brand-synonymous flavor, however, didn't come from founders Ben Cohen or Jerry Greenfield; it came from an anonymous fan.
In 1986, a patron at Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop in Maine left an anonymous note for employees with a message asking them to invent Cherry Garcia. After the note went unread, they then sent a postcard to headquarters in Vermont that read, "Why don't you make a cherry flavor and call it Cherry Garcia? You know it will sell because Dead paraphernalia always sells.”
Cherry Garcia's creator remained anonymous until a few months after its release when Ben and Jerry were mailed a pint lid signed, "Jane Williamson,” with handwriting that matched the postcard. The duo gave Williamson a year's supply of the ice cream and invited her to their next shareholder meeting, where she was met with a standing ovation.