Old Greek amphoras. Archaeological excavations
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The Ancient Greek Origins Of Toasting 'To Our Health'
Whether you clink glasses, say “cheers,” or insist on making eye contact while you toast your friends, you probably have a go-to when it comes to toasting on special occasions. If you’re the type of person to say “to your health,” while toasting, you might be surprised that the saying has origins in ancient Greece.
In ancient Greece, there was a common fear of poisoning among important officials of the day, so when a host invited guests over for dinner, he would make a point to ease any worries about poisoned wine. To prove the wine was safe to drink, the host would take the first sip and call out “to our health” while doing so.
However, back in ancient Greece, this tradition wasn’t known as a “toast.” Toasting dates back to 16th-century Europe when it was common to add a piece of toasted bread to warm wine. As the bread tended to be dropped into the wine after goodwill wishes were made, these speeches came to be known as “a toast.”