A can of Monster's Beast Unleashed on a beach
The Amount Of Caffeine In Monster Energy's Alcoholic Drinks
The Beast Unleashed, Monster Energy's alcoholic hard seltzer which debuted in 2023, contains no caffeine, despite the brand’s reputation for its caffeine-fueled energy drinks.
Controversies around caffeinated alcoholic drinks likely influenced Monster’s decision. For example, FDA action and lawsuits forced Four Loko to remove caffeine from its beverages.
However, Monster's hard tea, The Nasty Beast, contains about 21 mg of natural caffeine per can, much less than the 160 mg found in a regular non-alcoholic Monster Energy drink.
The Beast Unleashed contains 6% alcohol. It comes in four flavors which mimic the flavors of Monster’s energy drinks: Mean Green, White Haze, Peach Perfect, and Scary Berries.