Chef Gordon Ramsay in a black jacket with his hands clasped
The American Dish Gordon Ramsay Believes Should Be More Popular In The UK
On an episode of "The Late Show," chef Gordon Ramsay revealed to host Stephen Colbert that he wishes people in the UK would embrace grits more enthusiastically.
The "Hell's Kitchen" chef explained that he would make this dish "sexy" by adding some shredded parmesan cheese and whipped butter to the Southern-inspired meal.
Grits are made from corn maize, which is native to the United States, so many people in the United Kingdom don't get the opportunity to cook or eat it.
Different varieties include hominy and heirloom grits, which can be blue or even red, depending on the variety of corn they are made from.
Sweet or savory dishes can be made with grits. Try them as a filling hot cereal with a pat of butter and a little honey, or transform them into a cheese and grits souffle.