Closeup of biscuits in basket
The Aluminum Foil Trick You Need For Soft And Buttery Canned Biscuits
To elevate pre-made canned biscuits, place them in a baking tin before adding melted butter to them, then cover them in tin foil before baking at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.
This tip comes from a viral TikTok by user @the_oliviasarmiento. She then uncovers the biscuits and broils them for a couple of minutes, brushing more melted butter on top.
Placing tin foil over the biscuits traps water vapor rising from the dough as it cooks, steaming the biscuits so their crumb is moist and tender.
The drizzle of melted butter gives them a rich taste, and the final stint under the broiler gives them that caramelized, crunchy texture to contrast the pillowy dough.