Crispy Roasted Pork Belly
The Aluminum Foil Trick For Achieving Extra Crispy Pork Belly Skin
Perfecting a crisp pork belly in the oven may feel like chasing culinary gold, but you can do it easily by placing balled-up aluminum foil under the belly while roasting.
The uneven shape and sloping nature of pork belly can result in inconsistent cooking. Additionally, ovens can sometimes have hot spots or areas where heat is unevenly distributed.
By propping up the pork belly with aluminum foil balls, you elevate it to a more consistent level, ensuring that the meat cooks evenly with maximum exposure to the oven's heat.
Simply ball up several sheets of aluminum foil and place them strategically under the pork belly before roasting, spacing them out evenly to provide support across the entire meat.
Finally, roast the belly per your favorite recipe. Should any of the aluminum foil balls roll or move while cooking, readjust them for the crunchiest results.