Aluminum foil crumbled into a triangle shape against a black background
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The Aluminum Foil Hack For Discarding Cooking Grease Without Disaster
Cooking fats, oils, and grease can clog your drain, which can be problematic and expensive to deal with. While it is messy and time-consuming to get rid of your leftover meat grease at home, you can use this simple method involving aluminum foil for easy clean-up that won't damage your pipes or make your kitchen a disaster.
To get rid of cooking fats, line a bowl with foil and pour the liquid grease or oil into it, making sure the foil doesn't have any rips where the grease could seep through. Let the bowl sit out so the oil will solidify, after which you can lift the fat-filled foil out and toss it in the trash, avoiding a greasy counter (and fingers) in the process.
There are variations on this method, some using parchment paper, which doesn't hold its shape as well as foil does. You could also try lining your sink drain with foil and pouring the grease directly into the sink, which is a bit messier, but doesn't require a bowl and should stop the grease from going down the drain so you can throw it away.