Fig Newtons on a white plate on a black background.
The Alternative Filling For Sweeter Homemade Fig Newtons
Fresh figs can contribute to jammy, gooey fillings in fig newton cookies, but if they aren’t available at your local market, you can use dried figs instead.
Since dried figs have more sugar than fresh figs, they can give your cookies extra sweetness without requiring the addition of other sweeteners.
To prepare your dried figs, turn them into a fig paste by putting the figs in a bowl with some lemon or orange juice, then simmer them with water on low heat to soften them.
For a sweeter touch, add applesauce or a drizzle of honey for a spreadable texture, or for a more luxurious, adult flavor profile, add a few splashes of Grand Marnier liquor.
Once the figs soften, blend them in a food processor to be as smooth or chunky as you want, keeping in mind that as the spread cools, it will thicken.