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The Alcohol-Free Ingredient Swap For White Wine
If you’ve ever wondered why so many risotto and seafood recipes call for a splash of white wine, it’s because wine adds a refreshing and acidic flavor, and can even tenderize proteins. However, you may wonder if the wine's alcohol is left over in your final dish, and if there's a decent non-alcoholic substitute you can use.
The alcohol in white wine (particularly a dry, acidic, and unoaked variety) can evaporate quickly during early stages of cooking, but this evaporation rate usually slows down until a negligible amount of alcohol remains in the final dish. If you still don't want to consume even a tiny bit of alcohol, try using apple cider vinegar in place of wine.
Compared to white wine, apple cider vinegar has a similar sweet aroma, acidity, light color, and an "aged" flavor profile. As long as your recipe doesn't require a whole bottle of wine, this substitute works well; just know that you might need to balance the acidity with a dash of something sweet, if your vinegar is sharper than expected.