Silk tofu japanese soy cheese whole piece with chili ginger. chive and soy sauce topping on ceramic plate over wooden table. (Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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The Air-Fryer Trick To Make Marinated Tofu More Flavorful
If you try to make marinated, crispy tofu without pressing it to drain excess water, you'll end up with a watery, flavorless white block, but pressing can also take longer than you prefer. Lifehacker has a trick that can help you dehydrate tofu in record time, allowing it to soak up marinades properly, and all it takes is an air fryer.
While microwaving may be the quickest way to drain tofu, using your air-fryer can do just the same, along with other benefits, including the fact that you can play around with par-cooking your tofu to achieve different textures. Par-cooking means partially cooking food, and the air fryer gives you a lot of control over how you do it.
Depending on the texture you like, you could slice up firm tofu and cook it in your air fryer for a few minutes on both sides for a crispy exterior, or you can take an entire block of soft tofu and cook it whole until it's dry. Either way, the tofu will be more than ready to take on any and all kinds of marinades your heart desires.