Stack of brownies
The Advantage Of Baking Brownies In A Clear Pan
Overbaking is one of the most common ways to ruin a pan of brownies. Keeping track of the time is the best preventative measure, but using a clear glass pan can also help.
A glass pan doesn't necessarily prevent overbaking, but it lets you see how far along your brownies are and eliminates a lot of guesswork.
Glass pans can also bake brownies more evenly, since they heat up more slowly and hold in heat for longer, creating crispy edges and a chewy center.
You need to make sure to fully preheat your oven before placing a glass pan inside, which prevents uneven heating that can cause the glass to break.
Set a timer for ten minutes less than you'd normally let the brownies bake, and monitor the oven for signs that the brownies are done, like crispy edges forming.
When the edges of your brownies slightly pull away from the sides of your pan, they're done. Make sure to take them out as soon as possible, or else they'll continue to cook.