A bottle of Michter's american whisky with a glass of ice.
The Adorable Story Behind The Michter's Bourbon Name
Michter's is one of the 14 best distilleries to visit on Kentucky's Bourbon Trail, but the brand’s roots, including the heartwarming story of its name, originated in Pennsylvania.
The original distillery was founded in 1753 in Shaefferstown, Pennsylvania. In the mid-1800s, Abraham Bomberger purchased the distillery, and it became known as Bomberger's.
In the 1950s, Lou Forman took over the distillery and renamed it Michter's, which he came up with by using a portmanteau of his two sons' names, Michael and Peter.
Unfortunately, the company ended up having to file for bankruptcy in 1989. The distillery closed its doors for good in early 1990, and the name Michter's was abandoned.
However, in 1996, Joe Magliocco added the now-available Michter's name to his business, Chatham Imports. He had nostalgia for Michter’s, having sold it during his college years.
Magliocco would join forces with his mentor Richard Newman to purchase the Michter's name and trademark and resurrect the brand and company, which they moved down to Kentucky.