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The Additional Step To Ensure Your Poached Egg Doesn't Fall Apart
You may have tried to poach an egg before by cracking it directly into the simmering water, only to be disheartened when you see the whole egg disintegrate into a stringy mess.
Adding vinegar to the water is a classic way to help the eggs cook faster and ensure the whites don't fall apart, but for even better poaching, take a game-changing extra step.
Break each egg, one at a time, into a heatproof bowl to be added individually. This lets you handle the eggs more carefully and ease them into the swirling water.
To try this, swirl the boiling water into a funneling vortex, then lower the bowl with a single egg toward the surface and carefully pour it into the center of the vortex.
With the water spinning quickly, the whites will hold their shape beautifully, minimizing the chance of breaking the yolk, and any loose white wisps will wrap around the egg.