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The Acidic Ingredient You Need To Give Your Next Pot Of Chili A Zest
Instead of focusing just on meat, beans, and spices when making chili, use vinegar to add balance. One tablespoon can brighten up an entire pot of chili.
Vinegar complements the chili’s various elements, including the tomato base, hearty beans, and umami-rich beef. However, you need to use the right vinegar to enhance your dish.
Consider what flavors are predominant in the dish. A classic tomato chili or one that includes pumpkin or squash would benefit from vinegar to enhance their natural sweetness.
Choose a lighter apple cider or champagne vinegar for chilis with veggies, chicken, or turkey. Use more robust red wine or balsamic vinegar for heartier beef and bean chili.
Add one tablespoon of vinegar to the chili pot at the end of cooking and taste the chili before adding more. Don’t use too much, or it will overwhelm the other flavors.