Lentils in an opened can
The Absolute Best Ways To Use Canned Lentils
Lentil Soup
A bowl of hearty, warming lentil soup can be a delight in chilly months, as its simple flavor allows the herbs and spices to really shine. It's also easy to make.
Heat canned lentils in broth and add seasonings. The soup will thicken on its own but you can make it richer by removing some of the lentils, pureeing them, and adding them back.
Lentil Burgers
Lentils were a common ingredient in the old-school veg burger concoctions, and they're still worth making. They also help save time in the burger-making process.
You can take a cue from the Mediterranean falafel — served in a pita with a cooling feta and yogurt sauce — and easily adapt the recipe to using canned lentils.
Lentil Hummus
Despite being the Arabic word for "chickpea," you can make your favorite hummus recipe using canned lentils instead to create a creamy lentil dip.
Drain a can of lentils, then blitz the contents in a food processor with some lemon, tahini, and garlic. Top with a little olive oil and paprika and enjoy with bread or veggies.
Spicy Dal
Lentil dal is a staple dish in many South Asian cuisines, made by simmering lentils with a blend of aromatic spices and a bit of heat in the form of chili peppers.
Canned lentils can also be used in savory Indian-inspired curry dishes, making for a palate-pleasing meal when served over rice or with a side of fresh naan bread.
Lentil Salad
Use canned lentils with bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and fresh herbs to make a French lentil salad, typically dressed with a homemade Dijon vinaigrette.
Simply drain the canned lentils and rinse with cool water before adding to the salad. You can use canned lentils in any salad where you'd add other legumes.