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The Absolute Best Ways To Store Radishes
Store In Cold Water
The cold water method is a great storage option for those who aren't planning to eat their radishes right away, keeping them fresh and crunchy for between four to five days. All you need for this radish storage method is a large enough bowl or jar and some free space inside of your refrigerator.
In Crisper Drawer
The crisper drawer is a great storage option, keeping them fresh for about a week. For this method, wrap damp paper towels around the radishes to prevent the veggies from drying out and losing their crispiness, then zip them inside a food storage bag and place them inside the crisper drawer.
In The Freezer
Freezing radishes is a sure-fire way to keep them fresh for months, but if done wrong, it can tarnish their snappy texture and peppery flavor. To avoid this, blanch them first and do not peel them, then drain, dry, and put them in a freezer-safe storage bag.
Pickling Radishes
Radishes can be pickled to extend their shelf life by an additional two months, since vinegar's acidic pH level can stop bacteria in their tracks. Many pickled radish recipes use a one-to-one vinegar-to-water ratio, but because of their crunchy zing, a hot pack pickling method is preferable, allowing it to simmer for approximately a minute.
In The Basement
The basement may be the ideal place to keep your radishes fresh because it mimics how radishes grow in nature and can keep them fresh for three months or longer. Fill a box with good-quality moist soil and bury each radish in the dirt with their leaves facing up, either by hand or with a little shovel.