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The Absolute Best Ways To Store Limes
Unfortunately, limes don’t stay fresh for too long, and limes past their prime may feel soft, feature brown discoloration on their skin, and have dried-out flesh with minimal juice. To ensure that your limes remain fresh for as long as possible, you'll want to be strategic with how you store them.
The best way to store limes is by keeping them refrigerated in a high moisture environment, because limes kept on the counter will only last three to five days. One way is to submerge limes in a container of water and refrigerate them, but you can also simply refrigerate them in a zip-top or reusable silicone bag.
If you’ve cut your lime, you can still store the sections in the fridge by wrapping the exposed side in plastic wrap or reusable food wrap, or by keeping them in a sealed container or bag. If you’ve juiced or zested your lime, you can freeze the lime juice in ice trays or keep the zest in the fridge.