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The Absolute Best Ways To Reheat Dinner Rolls
Using your oven
Instead of a big sheet pan, arrange the dinner rolls in a smaller baking dish, as this method will keep them soft, whereas separating them on a tray could make them crunchier than you may intend. Set the dish on a rack positioned in the middle of an oven heated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for seven to 10 minutes.
Slow cooker
Thaw your frozen dinner rolls as if you were using an oven, and then line the bottom of the pot with a clean, damp dishcloth and place the thawed rolls on top, before setting the cooker on "low" for about half an hour. Once that's done, you can place the cooker on "warm" and leave rolls that way for two hours.
Microwave oven
Instead of placing bare rolls in the microwave, put them in a container and cover them completely with two clean dishcloths or paper towels — one damp and one dry, as this will help keep the rolls soft and prevent them from drying out. Heat them at 30% to 50% power until they are just warmed through.