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The Absolute Best Ways To Reheat Boiled Eggs
According to the FDA, eggs refrigerated in the carton can last three weeks, hard-boiled eggs should be consumed within a week of cooking them, and frozen eggs can be stored for up to a year and shouldn’t be frozen in their shells. If you're trying to make use of extra hard boiled eggs, you may wonder what is the best method to reheat them.
The microwave is a quick and convenient way to reheat foods, but My Recipes says that hard-boiled eggs often explode in the microwave, due to the moisture trapped inside the egg yolk. You should peel the shell off the egg and cut the egg into slices before microwaving to help avoid an eggy explosion.
Boiling hard-boiled eggs again is a much cleaner method than microwaving. Both My Recipes and Pantry and Larder suggest bringing water at or near the boiling point, then taking it off the heat before submerging the eggs; place a lid on top and keep the eggs in the water for about 5 to 10 minutes.
Steaming is also a suitable reheating method, but involves a lot of effort compared to the boiling method. If you want to try steaming, boil water in the bottom compartment of a steamer, place the eggs in the steaming basket, allow them to reheat for about two to three minutes, and be sure to flip them halfway through.