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The Absolute Best Ways To Keep Lemons Fresh
Whether you use lemons every few days or once every few weeks, there are storage options to maximize their shelf life so they never have to go to waste again. Best of all, none of these methods require much preparation or labor.
If you plan to use your lemons in about a week, the simplest method is storing them on your countertop. They can be placed in a bowl or kept directly on the counter, and they should be stored by themselves, as other fruits like apples and bananas will make them ripen and rot more quickly.
If you need your lemons to last several weeks, storing the citrus in the fridge is your best option. Lemons can stay fresh in the fridge for at least two weeks and up to a month.
Finally, for the occasional lemon user or those with an abundance of the bright yellow citrus, the freezer is an amazing option for long-term storage. When stashed in the freezer, whole lemons can be kept fresh for up to four months.