The Absolute Best Ways To Keep Garlic Fresh
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Covered Bowl
One of the most common and easiest ways to store garlic without much additional prep is to keep it dry at room temperature. When it is properly stored, in a cool, dark place where the bulbs won't get too much humidity, garlic can keep at room temperature for weeks or even months.
The Fridge
If you chop too much garlic or peel one too many cloves, you can store it in the fridge. But such garlic does not keep as long in the fridge as it does at room temperature. Peeled garlic placed in the fridge will last for up to a week, while chopped or minced garlic will keep for a few days.
Freeze Cooked Garlic
Garlic that has already been cooked or roasted can be frozen and used at a later time, but it is important to quickly freeze raw garlic that has been sliced, minced, or pressed. When properly prepared, cooked garlic that has been frozen can be stored for months at a time.
Dehydrate Cloves
If you have an abundance of garlic cloves, you can also dehydrate them, Once dried, the garlic can be ground into homemade garlic powder or chopped into dried minced garlic, and regardless of how you plan to use it, the dehydrated garlic can be stored for quite a long time.