A close up photograph of a beautiful display of fruit salad. Grapes, berries, melon, pineapple & kiwi fill the frame.
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The Absolute Best Ways To Keep Fruit Salad Fresh
Add Citrus
While it sounds like adding lemon juice to your fruit salad might make it bitter, the natural antioxidants found in citric acid protect the diced fruit. Putting extra pieces of citrus fruit, or adding lime, orange, and pineapple juice on top can help extend the life of your fruits.
Include Honey
A spoonful of sugar, a simple homemade syrup, or a drizzle of honey keeps your fruit salad fresh by acting as a fruit preservative. If adding a sweetener is making your fruit salad too sweet, balance it out with fresh herbs like culinary lavender, mint, or fresh basil.
Use Dressing
Thicker dressings can keep fruit from oxidizing quickly, so a coating of whipped or sour cream can protect certain fruits like apples and watermelon from turning soft and mushy. Yogurt can also be used to preserve a fruit salad in your refrigerator for up to five days.