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The Absolute Best Ways To Keep Dill Fresh
Refrigerate Fresh Dill
To get the maximum fridge life out of fresh dill, rinse your dill leaves under cool water and pat them dry with a paper towel, then place your dill in an airtight container or sealed plastic bag in the fridge, in the crisper drawer to minimize oxygen exposure.
Dry And Store Dill
Herbs like dill are ideal for drying since they naturally don't retain a lot of moisture. To dry dill, start by pruning any discolored leaves, gather the stems into a bundle and hang the bundle in a dark, dry place. In a few weeks, the dried dill can be stored in airtight jars with the shelf-life of any other dried herb in your pantry.
Ice Cube Tray
To freeze dill, you can wash, dry, and chop the fresh dill, then portion it into the ice cube trays and fill the trays with just enough water or olive oil to cover the dill and allow it to freeze completely. This way, the frozen dill will stay fresh for up to four months.