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The Absolute Best Ways To Keep Corn On The Cob Fresh
By Katherine Beck
Nothing says summer like a sweet ear of corn on the cob but what can be done to keep it fresh after purchase? Time matters when it comes to enjoying your corn on the cob as within three days after being harvested the sweetness in corn begins to dissipate as sugars break down into starches.
To store your corn, keep the husks on and only shuck it once you are ready to cook it, recommends “Taste of Home”. While it is acceptable to keep your corn stored at room temperature for shorter periods of time, if you don’t have a fridge or freezer space it is recommended to remove some of the outer husks to retain proper moisture.
If you don't plan on cooking the corn for weeks or months, you could try freezing your corn and because of the corn’s hardiness, it is able to retain its taste and crispness in freezers for up to 52 weeks! There are things that can be done to keep the corn even more fresh when leaving the freezer.
One of the things that can extend the cobs' freshness when in cold storage is blanching it in a pot of boiling water for about 4 minutes and then submerging it into ice water for another 4. Blanching your corn is essential to storage longevity because blanching the corn deactivates the natural enzyme that breaks down sugars into starches.