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The Absolute Best Ways To Keep Brown Sugar Soft
Sugar is the home baker's bread and butter, and its richer cousin — brown sugar – can be an even sweeter fit for pastries. Unfortunately, brown sugar quickly hardens, but not to worry, as there are techniques for keeping brown sugar soft.
Brown sugar is made from coating white sugar in molasses, and when the molasses are exposed to air, it dries out, causing brown sugar to clump. Popular confectioner Domino Sugar recommends storing brown sugar in a cool, moist area in a rust-proof airtight container, preferably plastic, to prevent air from coming in.
Another tool to use is a resealable plastic bag stuffed with either bread, marshmallows, or apples, as these have enough natural moisture to prevent the molasses from drying out. One other home baker trick is using a terra-cotta bear, an apt porous clay placed in the brown sugar container that can keep moisture for six months.