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The Absolute Best Ways To Keep Broccoli Fresh
Broccoli smells bad enough when it's cooked, but when a forgotten broccoli crown starts to rot in the back of the fridge, the smell can be unbearable. Broccoli is best eaten within a day or two like most vegetables, but if it needs to be stored for longer, there are a few things that it needs to stay fresh.
The things that will keep it from staying fresh and crisp are overly dry air and ethylene gas, produced naturally by most fruits as they ripen. The best way to preserve broccoli's color, texture, and flavor is to store it in a cool part of the refrigerator in an unsealed plastic bag.
Broccoli can be kept in a crisper drawer but should not be stored with fruits that are going to let out ethylene gasses. This method protects the broccoli from dry air without leaving it overexposed to its own ethylene gas that would build up in a sealed bag.