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The Absolute Best Ways To Fix Watery Tuna Salad
The key to fixing a watery tuna salad is to remove unnecessary moisture, and one of the easiest and most effective ways to do that is by adding ingredients in an effort to soak up any unpleasant sogginess. Although any add-ins will work from the pantry or fridge, drier ingredients are more effective.
The best mix-in by far is an additional can of strained tuna, but also chunks of cooked potato or diced hard-boiled eggs can absorb liquid without compromising too much of the dish's signature flavor. If neither of these are on hand, then it’s time to consider mixing in super dry, starchy ingredients like pasta or even croutons.
Unfortunately, as tuna salad sits, even the creamiest and thickest of salads risk becoming watered-down, but it can be disguised — especially in sandwich form. Choosing a thicker, sturdier bread variety and then toasting it will help prevent it from sopping up excess liquid. With quick fixes available from prepping to serving, home chefs can say goodbye to dampness.