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The Absolute Best Way To Store Yukon Gold Potatoes
Yukon Gold potatoes are a hybrid of a South American yellow potato and a North American white variety, and while these golden potatoes are incredibly popular and versatile, they can go bad more quickly due to their higher sugar content. This is how horticulturist and master gardener Stephen Albert stores his Yukon Golds.
Albert suggests storing Yukon Golds in a dark, cool place, around 40–50º Fahrenheit. This not only keeps the potatoes fresh, but prevents their starches from breaking down into "reducing sugars," compounds that can react with amino acids and high heat to form a carcinogenic substance called acrylamide.
Also, keep the potatoes separate from onions and other "ripening" produce such as apples, tomatoes, and bananas; ethylene gas produced by these fruits and veggies can cause your potatoes to sprout and rot more quickly. Keeping your Golds fresh in a cool, dark environment also reduces your risk of green potato poisoning.