Photo taken in Riga, Latvia
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The Absolute Best Way To Refry A Stale Donut Back To Life
Fresh donuts don't last long, and a donut that was once wonderful and moist can become hard and chewy within 24 hours of sitting around, or less. Luckily, there is a way to resuscitate a day-old glazed donut that's lost a lot of moisture, and all you need is a frying pan and some salted butter.
When sliced in half and gently fried with salted butter, the bottom side of a glazed donut takes on a brioche-like flavor and some extra crispness. This trick also works with sugar-covered and maple bar donuts, and you can eat the donut halves on their own or use them as the base for a breakfast sandwich.
If you want to keep your donut whole rather than slicing it in half, you can try "sprinkling" the donuts with a little water and placing a lid over the pan while frying it in either oil or butter, per The Donut Whole. The water helps to restore some of the donut’s moisture with a little steam, but don't add too much.