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The Absolute Best Way To Prep Garlic Bread Ahead Of Time
Garlic bread is said to have been invented in Tuscany before the Romans took over, and the dish began as a way for poorer Italian people to give day-old bread a second life at the dinner table. Since garlic bread is traditionally made with day-old bread, it's not a dish that needs to be prepared and served on the same day.
Garlic bread is composed of vital ingredients: garlic, butter, parmesan cheese, day-old bread, dried herbs, and salt, and it’s easy to make in advance and freeze for up to three months. If to be served on the day, it's best to make garlic bread up to eight hours before serving and store it in the freezer until right before mealtime.
Sourdough, Italian loaf, French bread, or ciabatta are the recommended loaves for garlic bread, and to freeze them, wrap them in foil and store them in the freezer until thirty minutes before the plan to serve it. Frozen garlic bread utilizes the same baking instructions as room-temperature garlic bread, so there is no need to thaw.