Meatballs served on a bowl
The Absolute Best Way To Make Meatballs In The Air Fryer
Air frying meatballs is quicker than baking or boiling them. The meat develops a mildly crispy coating while staying tender and juicy on the inside, all without added oil.
To air fry meatballs, preheat your device to 400 degrees F. It typically takes 2-inch meatballs 12 minutes to cook, but the exact time will depend on your specific fryer.
Put the meatballs in a single layer with no overlap or touching, cooking them in batches if required. Turn them over halfway through cooking for an even air frying job.
Use a thermometer to make sure the interior of the meatballs reaches a safe-to-eat internal temperature of 160 degrees, as recommended by the USDA.
To air fry frozen meatballs, heat the pre-cooked meat for about 10 minutes at 320 degrees F. Again, ensure they've reached the required internal temperature before enjoying.