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The Absolute Best Way to Add More Flavor to
Your Chili
Chili is a classic dish containing many ingredients, so it’s not uncommon to make some creative choices when preparing it. However, sometimes the best way to improve a chili dish isn’t by altering the ingredients, but just altering the way you prepare them.
One great way of giving the vegetables in your chili a great kick is to saute them. The process of browning and softening your vegetables before mixing them with stock or tomato sauce will not only strengthen the flavors of your vegetables, but will change the exterior from firm to charred and crispy for a better bite.
The method of browning will also contribute greatly when you prepare your meat, improving the texture and flavor, especially when seasoned correctly. While a nice crunchy bite is a welcome addition to chili, nothing will beat the great taste of all your ingredients sauteed and prepared to a perfect, flavorful combination.