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The Absolute Best Way To Add A Little Zing To Your Ahi Tuna
Ahi tuna is a chef's delight, equally great served raw in a poke bowl or seared with a sesame crust, and it’s an ideal source of lean protein as well. We know it's delicious and nutritious, but you can get a little more zing out of it by adding citrus.
Serving ahi tuna alongside sliced citrus creates a powerful contrast between the more acidic fruit and the milder fish. If you peruse enough recipes for ahi tuna, you'll notice many of them include a citrus component like citrus juice, zest, or even both.
While the acidity of citrus juice can certainly add brightness to your ahi tuna, it's important not to marinate your ahi for too long, since leaving your tuna in an acidic marinade will make it tough and less appetizing. A brief citrus marinade can be exactly what you need to add a delightful punch to your ahi tuna.