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The Absolute Best Water Temperature For Brewing Coffee
Whether it’s a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning or an iced coffee for a scorching afternoon pick-me-up, temperature is an aspect tied hand in hand to the flavor of a cup of joe. However, this can be a downside when the oxidation process takes place and the room temperature cup develops an unpleasant, stale taste.
Little Coffee Place recommends the drinking temperature of your coffee to be from 120 to 155 degrees Fahrenheit, since anything below 140 won’t provide the desired heat, and anything above will be too hot. For brewing, 195 to 205 degrees will let you extract the aromatics and oils without reducing the quality of the extraction.
For cold brews, you can either let it brew at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Just watch out, because if placed in the fridge, the flavor of the cold brew will not only be weaker, but will also lack the aroma of hot coffee because it did not have the heat to extract it.