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The Absolute Best Vessel For Baking Donut Holes
The only thing better than making donuts is saving on food waste (and flavor waste!) by making donut holes, using the dough that's left over after you punch those "O's" into your donuts. But for those of us who only want only donut holes, there's one piece of kitchen equipment that will let you skip the donuts.
America's Test Kitchen has a recipe for donut holes that involves whipping up a quick bread dough with a texture just like a cake donut, then forming it into balls. Then, brush the dough balls with melted butter, roll them in cinnamon sugar, and drop them into mini muffin tins to bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Not only does this method eliminate the need to make donuts just to have your donut holes; it also gets rid of deep-frying. The butter and sugar on the outside of these homemade donut holes will crisp up into a sweet and crunchy crust that's just like one you would get from deep-frying, without the mess.