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The Absolute Best Vegan Substitute For Evaporated Milk
If you’re vegan or allergic to dairy products, you can make your own evaporated milk out of whatever plant-based milk you keep in your fridge. However, unlike the evaporated milk you buy from the store, a homemade version takes time and will only last a week in your fridge — which is why you should sub in coconut milk instead.
A substitute for evaporated milk should have a similar fat content, taste, and texture. While coconut milk does have a distinct coconut flavor, which may not complement every recipe, it does have a higher fat content and thick texture that is comparable to evaporated milk, and it doesn't have to be reduced on the stove.
Coconut milk can be swapped in for evaporated milk in recipes by using a simple 1:1 ratio. Much like store-bought evaporated milk, an unopened can or carton of this vegan product will also last you anywhere from two to five years in the pantry, making it far more convenient than a substitute made from fresh plant milk.