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The Absolute Best Uses For Your Toaster
Grilled Cheese
Grilled cheese is a particular breeze in a toaster, and all you need is a toaster bag. With that, you will simply assemble your sandwich to your liking and pop it in the toaster for a few minutes to achieve ooey-gooey perfection with a nice and crispy crust.
Leftover Pizza
While it may sound unconventional, the toaster is a far better option for the texture of your pizza than using the microwave. Place the slices into a toaster bag, and — obviously — square cuts will yield the best results, as you may have to do some trimming otherwise.
Defrosting Bread
Using your toaster can greatly speed up your defrosting time, and it will warm your bread up enough that you can work with it in any recipe, from bread pudding to panzanella. Defrosting this way is far better than letting the bread warm up at room temp, which can make it stale.
With bruschetta, just start like you're getting ready to make traditional toast — use a couple of pieces of sliced bread, and drizzle some extra-virgin olive oil before cooking to add a nice crunch. Once golden-brown, you're free to garnish and layer as you please.
With fresh tortillas on hand, you can either cut them into your desired chip shape and place them in a toaster bag or fold them over to make crunchy taco shells. Either one is a far healthier option than deep-frying or pan-frying them.