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The Absolute Best Uses For Your Leftover Pasta Water
Make great sauces
Not only can leftover pasta water help you make great sauces, but its use can help thicken the sauce. Pasta water is the secret to restaurant-level success and it’s no secret that classic sauces like pesto, carbonara, and cacio e pepe are improved by the addition of pasta water.
Better bread/pizza dough
Leftover pasta water can also help you make better bread because it can help hold the dough together and its starches can actually help home-baked bread to rise. Leftover pasta water is a particularly good choice to use in Italian-style breads like focaccia.
Water plants
Cooled-down leftover pasta water is also great for watering plants and not only does it provide plants minerals but it can be used as an NPK fertilizer, which stands for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Using leftover pasta to water plants is also a form of recycling, and prevents waste.