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The Absolute Best Type Of Wood For Cooking Utensils
By Haldan Kirsch
Wooden utensils have been around for almost as long as cooking itself, as they have even been found in Egyptian tombs. There is a large variety of wooden spoons on the market, so when shopping for them, you want to pay careful attention to what kind of wood they’re made from.
The best kinds of wood for cooking utensils are hardwoods, as they have a tighter grain and are less porous than wood from softwood trees. Utensils made from the wood of deciduous trees like teak, oak, sapele, and meranti make for great cooking tools that will last for years if cared for.
Additionally, wooden utensils can destroy bacteria that comes in contact with them, as long as they’re cared for properly. A good wooden utensil should be cleaned by hand — never soaked in water — and be recoated with a natural oil, like linseed oil, from time to time.