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The Absolute Best Type Of Wine To Pair With Gruyère
Wine and cheese are among the most classic and heavenly food pairings of all, and Lucia Capretti, a wine specialist for Tasting Table, knows the best wine to pair with Gruyère, a firm, alpine Swiss cheese made of cow's milk. Younger Gruyère and older, more aged varieties both pair well with a wine that also hails from Switzerland.
Capretti says that Gruyère has a "creamy and fruity to nutty and earthy” flavor, with younger, sweeter varieties being "soft and refined," while drier, mature cheeses aged ten months or more have a "full-bodied and fruity" flavor. She heartily recommends pairing Gruyèrewith a spicy, floral, and fruity alpine wine called Gewürztraminer.
Gewürztraminer is an aromatic, low-acid white wine, and Drink and Pair says that flavor notes include "lychee, rose, apricot, cinnamon, black pepper, and ginger." Spicy varieties of Gewürztraminer perfectly cut through fatty cheeses, and Capretti says that the wine's floral aroma makes it a great partner for mildly sweet Gruyère.