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The Absolute Best Type Of Tomato For Canning
Tasty and convenient canned tomatoes can be found in almost any supermarket; however, for those of us who enjoy the labor of love that is canning and preserving our own food, making this staple at home can be well worth it. Out of the countless varieties of tomatoes on the market, this is the best kind to preserve.
The flavor and texture of plum tomatoes hold up the best when canned. Oblong-shaped varieties, such as Roma or San Marzano, have a fleshy texture and fewer seeds, making them ideal; however, you must start with fruits that are ripe and unblemished, and follow these other tips for safety when canning.
Microbes found in less-than-fresh tomatoes can reduce the acidity of the fruit, putting you at risk of foodborne illness; to be careful, always add extra acid to your formula in the form of lemon juice or citric acid. High acidity is the key to keeping your very own preserved tomatoes safe, healthy, and delicious to eat.