Pan Searing Scallops in Butter, olive oil and fresh garlic and thyme -Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera
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The Absolute Best Type Of Scallops To Broil
Scallops are a delicious type of shellfish that come in a few varieties, with the most common being sea scallops and bay scallops. If you plan on broiling your scallops, which is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to prepare them, this is the kind you should buy for the best final texture and flavor.
If you want to broil the best scallops, be sure to use large and dry sea scallops that are fresh, not frozen, for a sweeter and stronger flavor. "Dry" scallops, in contrast to "wet" scallops, are those that haven't been treated with sodium solutions or brines, meaning their flavor and texture haven't been meddled with.
Glossy "wet" scallops may look appealing, but they've been treated with preservatives to improve moisture retention, making them harder to cook and more rubbery. If you can only find frozen scallops, defrost them in a colander over a bowl in the fridge overnight to remove as much excess water as possible.