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The Absolute Best Type Of Potato For The Fluffiest Baking
Potatoes are the fourth most important crop in the world behind rice, wheat, and corn, and over 200 varieties are grown around the globe. Luckily, Americans only have to look for one common supermarket variety to make the best baked potatoes, whether they're served with sour cream and chives or smothered in grated cheese and bacon.
The best kind of potatoes for baking are high in starch and low in moisture, resulting in an extra-fluffy texture. Russet or Idaho potatoes are best varieties for baking and are easy to find, and russet potatoes' thick skins also crisp up nicely in the oven; however, your technique also matters when it comes to the best baked potato.
Never bake a potato in foil, as this will result in a limp and soggy skin. Instead, the Pioneer Woman recommends poking uncovered potatoes with a fork a few times before spacing them out evenly on an oven rack, then baking at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 50 minutes to an hour; this method will give you the fluffiest result.