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The Absolute Best Type Of Potato For Mashed Potatoes
For rich, buttery flavor and non-gummy texture, Martha Stewart suggests Yukon gold potatoes due to their medium-starch content. If pillowy-soft mashed potatoes are more your style, The Spruce Eats recommends Russet potatoes because they’re high in starch content, low in moisture, and absorb more water than the Yukon.
Before cooking, remove dirt, debris, and bacteria from your preferred potatoes by washing their skins; cube the potatoes into one and a half to two-inch-wide cubes; and then add them to cool water. Bon Appetit advises using salted water to add flavor when boiling the cubed potatoes, which will cut down on adding salt later.
Slowly bring your potatoes to a simmer so they’ll cook evenly; if you can insert a fork into them without resistance, they’re done. When draining the potatoes, get rid of all of the water to avoid mushy mashed potatoes. Use an old-fashioned masher, but be careful not to over-mash them as that will result in one unappetizing side dish.