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The Absolute Best Ratio For Marinade
A combination of fat, acid, and seasonings, marinades make meat more tender and flavorful, and help it absorb seasonings well. However, creating marinades isn’t as easy as blindly whisking ingredients together; there’s a specific ratio you should follow for the best results, no matter which ingredients you use.
While marinating times vary for different meats, one thing you should never change is the balance of fat, acid, and seasoning in your marinade. Fat works to maintain moisture and act as a vessel for the aromatic and flavorful seasonings, while acidity tenderizes the meat and cuts through its richness.
To make sure your meat is tender but not mushy and has a great balance of flavors, follow a ratio of 3 parts fat to 1 part acid to 1 part seasoning. Once you have this ratio in mind, feel free to experiment with the ingredients, such as trying out fats like coconut milk or yogurt, or using acids like citrus juice and wine.