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The Absolute Best Pizza In Detroit, Ranked
14. The Detroit Pizza Bar
The Detroit Pizza Bar offers delicious classics and specialty pizzas that are sure to please. Workers are paid using a profit-sharing method, so your money goes directly to them.
13. Bigalora Cucina
Bigalora Cucina is great for Neapolitan pizza lovers, and each is handmade and unique. The crusts are made from a sourdough starter, giving it a special airy, spongy consistency.
12. Amar Pizza
Amar Pizza makes high-quality, classic Detroit pizza, but with Bangladeshi ingredients. The restaurant offers many unique toppings, such as chicken naga and ghost peppers.
11. Palazzo Di Pizza
Palazzo Di Pizza offers a variety of specialty pies, and their large pies are actually made of two smalls put together, which gives each slice more "edge sides" of crispy crust.
10. Green Lantern Pizza
Green Lantern Pizza serves three tasty styles of pizza, with the Detroit style characterized by sauce under the cheese. The restaurant itself also gives off a fun speakeasy vibe.