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The Absolute Best Pizza In Chicago, Ranked
10. Phil's Pizza
Their pies are crispy and delicious, especially when topped with spicy little chunks of house-made fennel sausage or the extremely Chicago combination of Italian beef and giardiniera. All of Phil's pizzas are covered with a thick, gooey layer of mozzarella, too, which perfectly counteracts the crispiness of the cracker crust.
9. Robert's Pizza
Owned and operated by certified pizzaioli Robert Garvey, Robert's is obsessed with perfect crust and pizza that "when folded, cracks but does not break." Not to mention pizza's delicious doughy taste with toppings ranging from truffle cream sauce bases and braised fennel to Brussels sprouts and dates.
8. Burt's Place
The current owners of the place have kept much of owner Burt Katz's style and cooking, producing pizzas that are just about as good as the originals. Opt for just one or two toppings, like pepperoni and sausage, because too many toppings can dilute the pure doughy, cheesy taste of Burt's delicious deep dish.
7. Middle Brow Bungalow
Middle Brow Beer's taproom, The Bungalow, offers a chewy, sourdough crust-forward pizza that's dazzled many Chicagoans. Cut into traditional doughy triangles, the pizza is often covered with fresh, local ingredients like butternut squash and seasonal spring ramps, but you could also opt for a very solid cheese or sausage pie.
6. Piece Brewery
Piece stands alone in Chicago by offering New Haven-style pies, which originated in Connecticut and are kind of a crispier, greasier take on Neapolitan pizza. Fired in a coal oven, Piece's New Haven-style pizza comes in a variety of traditional iterations, including a tomato pie that features no mozzarella at all.